This is one of my favorite ways to incorporate the cash in your wallet to become a financially active part of your life. I think it’s a great way to introduce more money to the world. It keeps you motivated and empowered.

Bitmart has found that its most effective approach for new customers is to take a bit of money from the wallet and give it to one of their vendors. This way, a new customer can be confident that he/she will be able to use the money to buy something good, which makes for a more rewarding experience. This is a good way to let people know you are giving them something back while you’re just giving them a bit of money.

It also has the added benefit of letting the vendor know youre paying attention to their feedback, which is great for a business where you only want to give something good to your customers when they are truly happy, not just when they think youre being nice.

Sure, it is nice to add positive feedback to a business, but if you do it too often it will start making people think that you dont care about them when you really do. Plus I find it rude to keep a positive feedback loop going for too long after youve already done it.

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