We all know that there are three types of apes; the human, the chimpanzee, and the gorilla. Cardano apes are the other primate cousin to humans, yet we still find them too intimidating to think about.

The Cardano apes represent the third type of ape, and have nothing to do with the other two. These are the kind of apes that have no hair and are covered in scales. This is because they are mostly vegetarian.

Cardano apes are extremely intelligent and are believed to have been created from a meteorite. The theory is that it was a space probe sent to try to create a superior species, but it was never able to create a human-like species. These apes are also known to possess the ability to breathe fire, so they are very, very dangerous.

I have to think that Cardano’s apes must be pretty smart because they can fly as well as they could have any other intelligent animal. I know my friends that have told me that they can’t believe that I actually believe this, because I am not a very smart person.

This is just a theory, and I think it’s possible that Cardanos apes just got into some sort of accident and are still alive. There is a theory that their DNA was switched with that of a human, so it’s possible that they are, in fact, human. If that were the case though, it would explain why they are the only intelligent species on Earth.

I could think of a good reason why Cardanos apes might not have actually been affected. It might be that all their other bodies are just messed up. I mean, they had their genetic material switched with that of a human, so how would they survive? Perhaps they are still on earth, but they’ve been transported to another planet, or we’ve all been brainwashed by the Cardanos.

The human intelligence is a long story, but the Cardanos are basically the only intelligent species. Even when they first appeared they seemed to be pretty dumb, and even our own species (the Cardanos’) appear to be pretty dumb. If they are really a separate species, then the only way they could’ve learned to talk is if they had their head transplanted into a human.

They are pretty intelligent, but they are also very dumb. Cardanos are so stupid that they can only talk in sentences of three syllables. The Cardanos are also very dumb, and we don’t even know what they are saying. For all we know, they are talking about making us all eat the brains of the poor little bastards who have been brainwashed.

The cardano apes are a species of ape that are found only in Cardano, a small city in the southernmost region of Greece. Their head is a complete brain, but their bodies are made of bone. I always thought that they must be the descendants of the Neanderthals. To me, their name has always just sounded like “maniac.

The cardanians are the only species of ape that can survive in the wild due to their bone structure. It is an adaptation that allows these apes to thrive in the wild, but it is also the reason that they are so deadly. They are capable of making themselves look like all sorts of other animals, including humans. Their name is derived from the Greek words for ‘fear of death’ and ‘taste of blood.’ They are also known as “The Devil in the Brain.

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