This goku wallet was made for the goku brand of wallet. It’s made from a soft, cotton-like fabric that feels like plastic.

The wallet is one of our favorite features in the game. We actually have a few of them for sale to give away to our supporters. It’s also our main currency in the game. You can buy or trade in other goku wallets as well.

If you’re not familiar with goku wallets, they are a brand of wallets made by the Japanese goku company. They’re not your typical wallet. They’re made out of soft, cotton-like fabric that feels like plastic. The goku brand is also the name of the company that makes them, and they’re one of the smaller brands in the world. The goku wallets were made to be used for their goku logo.

For those of you who don’t know what the goku brand is, it’s a very unique product line. The goku wallets are basically soft, plastic bags. Each of them is shaped like a pocket, and they’re about the size of a wallet. The idea is that your goku wallet will be able to be folded in such a way that you can carry it in your pocket or purse.

What goes with the goku brand is the company’s logo. For those of you who are not aware, the goku logo is a small, round, and stylized red-and-white-pink circle. It looks a little like a heart.

It’s nice to know that the goku brand is not just a brand name or a generic logo. It also seems to be a unique logo for a company. It also seems to be something that you can carry in your pocket or purse. We have one of these wallets, and we love it.

The goku wallet is small, elegant, and cool. It’s made from a soft, leather-like material. Although it’s made from a leather, it doesn’t feel all that expensive (slightly less expensive than wallets that have a metal flap). It also seems to have a very unique logo. It’s a circle, with a little heart, and the words “Go Ku” in it.

The company is called goku, which sounds like a Japanese word for wallet, and it is a company based in Japan. Go Ku is very unusual, as most wallets these days are produced in China. Go Ku is not a very well-known brand, and it seems to have a very unique logo. I think this is because the company’s headquarters is in Japan, where a lot of the company’s products are made, but its actually made out of the same material, leather.

I had the opportunity to play with it this weekend. It works great. This is a very cool product.

The other reason I like this is that my sister is a fan of the new-media-game-style-wallet-player. She has a lot of games in her head, but she’s never really used them before. Her obsession with new-media games has kept her from getting her hands on many of the games in her head.

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