This is an interesting experiment, and I’ve been pondering it for days. I’ve figured out that there aren’t really good metrics for what’s going on in the Ethereum network, so the only way I can get a good sense of what’s going on is to use the eth-stats.net service. By that I mean, you can input any string into the site, and then it’ll show you (in realtime) the exchange rate of ether in that string.

The idea was that this would actually be a good way for people to see how much ether is traded on the network at any given time, and also to see how much ether was traded on the exchange between the weeks 1 and 2 of October.

The service was launched just yesterday, so the service is still in its beta stage, but the site has gotten a lot of attention.

the site is not open to the public for now. But the exchange rate is easy to find. The current exchange rate is roughly 0.08 ether to 0.042 ether per day, which is roughly equivalent to 0.05 ETH to 0.011 ETH. It could be a lot higher, but the current exchange rate is the closest we have so far.

Ethereum’s price is about $4 per coin today, and is still in its beta phase (the beta of the Ethereum-only app) up to the end of the year. Even if the price stays around $4, it’s likely to jump to around $2, though.

It’s not just one coin. Ethereum is currently the third most common cryptocurrency in the world, and is currently trading at about $300 USD as of press time. The price of a single Ethereum is currently around 0.07 ETH. If you buy a whole lot of Ethereum, you are going to end up paying a pretty penny, but its worth it if you can get it for cheap.

Ethereum’s only official app is currently priced at 3.3 ETH. This app is not a crypto-exchange, and its only purpose is to allow people to trade ether on Ethereum. It is currently only available on Android but is likely to go to the iOS App Store soon. It is not currently available on iTunes. It will likely be available on Android in early Q1 of this year.

It is interesting to see how much Ethereum is going to cost. Currently, the official app for buying Ethereum is priced at 3.3 ETH. If you buy a whole lot of Ethereum, you are going to end up paying a pretty penny, but its worth it if you can get it for cheap.

The price of Ethereum, the digital currency that powers the Ethereum Blockchain, is going to go up significantly over the next few months. Although many people seem to think that the price of ETH will come back down to earth, Ethereum is a currency that can be created out of thin air and so its value won’t be tied to any particular market. Because of this, its price is more volatile than the price of other currencies.

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