The first time I purchased a scarf I went to a store and the salesgirl asked me if I was going to pay for it. Now, I had to explain to the salesgirl why it was a scarf, so she knew I was a sucker.

The first time a salesgirl asked you if you were going to pay for something you would usually pay for it. The second time she did it you would usually say no, but this time she was being really nice. You’d think that being nice would be bad, but I mean, it is.

The salesgirl was being really nice because she’s a sucker.

I got my first scarf after I spent an entire weekend in a big scarf store. I was so embarrassed about buying it. I had to take a picture of it to sell it on Facebook.

The first time, I bought a scarf as a joke. The second time it was for a gift and I was really nice about it. I am not a sucker.

I guess it depends on your culture. I grew up in the United States and people would always call me a sucker. It was a compliment. I’d say I was a sucker. But in Sweden, the word “sucker” is not used to describe someone who is nice. We have a different word for it.

The word is also used in the US for the same thing. In Sweden, we have a word for someone who is nice. It is a little bit more sarcastic than our US counterparts. I do not know what that word is but I found it in a dictionary. It is Swedish slang for a “treat” or a “nice” gift. In my opinion, it is an insult.

I’m not sure what the word for a sucker in the US would be, but I think it would be the same thing.

The word for a “sucker” in the US is one of those things that is definitely not used to describe someone who is nice.

I think that the word might be called a “fools’ bargain”, and that is exactly what it is. Scar Price is a sucker that is willing to pay a lot of money to get something that is very unimportant. In the US, the “sucker” word is a word that is used to describe something extremely unimportant.

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