This has been a busy summer. We’ve been busy, we’ve been busy, and we’ve been busy. We’ve spent a lot of time on the road, we’ve been busy in the kitchen, we’ve been busy in the yard, and we’ve been busy elsewhere. We’ve had a lot of friends come to visit and stay a long time and a lot of family to spend time with.

At the end of the summer we will be back in the studio. In the near future, we will continue to post video content on our YouTube channel. We will also be planning more content for you all to enjoy, such as our weekly podcast, our annual convention, and our annual holiday party.

We are hoping to have a new video up this month starting with the theme of “Summer,” as well as a “Summer-themed recipe video” with a special recipe for the summer. We are also planning on having a new newsletter for you all featuring our latest events and news, including the annual convention. And, of course, there will be weekly videos that will be posted on our YouTube channel.

The reason we are so excited about all of these is because of the good news. We are thrilled to announce that the annual convention will be taking place on Saturday, September 19th. The convention will include an opening ceremony, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a fireworks show, and our annual holiday party. Additionally, we are still working on a new podcast and that’s coming very soon.

This is actually an amazing opportunity for us to interact with our fans and try to provide a little bit of “playful fun” to keep the convention fun. We are also incredibly proud to announce that all of the attendees will be able to participate in our “Fashion Show”, where they will be able to take home all of the items from the “Fashion Show” booth.

We are also launching our new podcast this year, which will be an hour long where we will be talking a little bit about the latest news, game announcements, and also the latest news about the game we are working on.

There are a few reasons that our podcast might be the right place to talk about the game we are working on. First off, we are the only developers working on it. So, it’s not like there are any other teams out there working on the game. Secondly, we have the luxury of being able to talk with the people who actually have the game in their hands and are able to play it.

We have been working on kmf 250 (known in the game development world as the “first multiplayer FPS”) since the middle of last year. Currently, we are in the process of testing it and getting feedback from the community. We are planning to release the alpha version (our first build) in Q1 this year and will probably do so in Q2. Our development schedule will be a bit slower than we would like because we have to focus on the alpha.

kmf 250 is the first game of the ‘big game’ that is being developed for our platform, but it is a small game in terms of it’s size and scope. We are planning on releasing it in two ways: a closed beta and an open beta. The closed beta will be available in Q2 and the open beta will be available in Q3.

The closed beta is to make sure that we don’t mess up the game and that we can make it right if any issues crop up. The open beta will be for users who want to participate in the development of it. There are two levels of participation, and we will release them at the same time.

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