“Denar” is a word that is used in the Turkish language to mean “money.” When we speak of money, we typically mean paper money (coins, bills, and coins) instead of actual money.

The other type of money we speak of in the Turkish language is denar. In macedonia, denar is a form of currency that is used in the streets, markets, and taverns. We don’t think of it as being used in the same way as other forms of money like dollars and euros. It is used as a measure of value, not as a means of exchange.

Money is a very real thing. In fact, money has been around since the beginning of humanity. Money can be used for a variety of means, like exchanging goods for services, and exchanging money to buy goods. But the true purpose of money is to facilitate the exchange of value between two parties. In the modern world, money is used to maintain a level of trust between parties in exchange for a service.

Money isn’t just a physical thing that gets exchanged. It’s a symbol of value. It can be used for a variety of things, from bartering with other money-holders to buying things that are of lesser value. The value of money changes in proportion to the amount of money that’s involved, so the more money you have, the more valuable the transaction.

In the world of macedonian life, money is used to maintain a certain level of trust between parties in exchange for services. The money itself isnt something that can be exchanged, but a number of services are based on the value of money. From the services that a macedonian will pay for services to the services that they don’t want to pay for, the value of macedonian cash is in the amount of services it provides.

The macedonian society is based on trust, which is a very important concept. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at macedonian money, or denar as it is known by the macedonians.

macedonians are a people who are extremely skilled and experienced in all business and finance related activities. As such they have an excellent system of storing their money. Because they have such a highly specialized and skilled society, they can easily store their money in a very secure and safe place. These macedonians have a very strict policy of not hoarding and not spending money they do not have. This is an important concept because it allows them to be extremely careful when they spend money.

This means that when you go to a bank to deposit money – they don’t want you to just deposit it, they want to know what to do next. If you go to a bank to send money to bank deposit box, they will tell you what to do next, and that is why you do not deposit money to your bank.

They do not want you in the bank because they dont want you to know what to do. They dont want you to know what to do because they want you to be on their side. So they want you to be on their side so that they know what is going to happen.

It seems like the game has a pretty high level of privacy, and so with so many players and online, it is easy to pass up on those. The people who are trying to steal your money, and it’s the most important thing you’re doing to you, are the people who spend what you spend and then you have to take this money back to the money bank. If they have to pay, they will.

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