Cryptocurrency in the past has proved to be life-changing. Investors can stake on promising projects with explosive growth potential and reap huge profits—a reason why investors are always on the lookout trying to find the next ‘green’. Sparklo has disrupted the cryptocurrency status quo with its revolutionary features, making investors excited and are keeping an eye on its presale stage. But can it outperform established altcoins like Aptos (APT) and ZCash (ZEC)? Let’s explore!

Sparklo (SPRK): Bringing more value to the metal trading industry

The Ethereum-based blockchain allows users globally to invest and trade in fractionalized NFTs that are backed by silver, gold and platinum bars. Since these NFTs are fractionalized, Sparklo will lower the barrier to entering this high-end market, as low-income investors can become fractional owners.

For investors that buy the whole NFT, Sparklo will deliver the metal that underpins it to your address. The platform will collaborate with jewellery retailers to promote their products in a new market. And in turn, investors get first priority selection and priority. Moreover, the platform has completed KYC verifications and audits by Interfi Network to ensure security, transparency and immutability.

It will also freeze in liquidity for 100 years and team token for 1000 days, assuring investors that its commitment is long-term. With just a presale price of $0.04, you’ll be able to buy an SPRK token. Many investors are on the hunt to secure investments that’ll protect their capital from inflation. Sparklo guarantees this opportunity.


Aptos (APT) latest milestone leaves investors craving for

The Aptos (APT) daily transactions have seen an upward trajectory, which reflects increased adoption. Even with Aptos (APT) on-chain metrics looking encouraging, its trading price is still fairly bearish. Aptos (APT)’s recent network activity has given investors hope for a trend reversal.

Not only did the blockchain’s active module number increase but so did the daily user transactions. However, Aptos (APT) network activities could not help increase its value. Aptos (APT) total value lock has continuously plummeted, meaning it is not performing well on the DeFi Market.

ZCash (ZEC) surges up this week

With cryptographic technology, ZCash (ZEC) has created a privacy-focused platform that protects transactions with zero-knowledge proofs. The platform had potential after its launch, but ZCash (ZEC) fell off and is now on a downturn streak.

ZEC price fluctuation has made it quite uncertain. Currently, the price of Zcash (ZEC) is $24.80, which is about $2.22% up in the last 24 hours. But will Zcash (ZEC) continue to gain momentum? It’s quite hard to say since market analysts suggest moving to other secure projects with growth potential.

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